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Accuracy, Very user
Easy Use
(Dim. 41 x 30,2 x 15,8 cm - Weight : 8 kg)

Measures :
    puce Impedance : 0 mΩ to 90 mΩ , Precision 2%
    puce Cell voltage : 0.00 to 18.00 Vdc , Precision 1%
    puce Battery voltage : 0.6 Vdc to 250.0 Vdc , Precision 1%
    puce Operation temperature : 0 à 45°C

Test results :
    puce By PC, using the user-friendly Progiciel Visubat. software under Windows® NT/2000/XP/Vista.

      The VISUBAT can be used on sealed and unsealed lead acid batteries. A tester for wet cell batteries with the following characteristics : Internal impedance measurement, Cell & battery voltage measurement, Rapid start-up – only two cables to connect, Possible to use on a connected battery, thus maintaining the safety function of the battery.

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